Aluminium cladding systems

Architects and planners design and specify aluminium cladding systems to provide robust protection to building exteriors, while enhancing the aesthetic appeal.

The versatility, durability and sustainability of aluminium cladding systems have made them a popular material selection for commercial and residential building exteriors.

Knotwood aluminium cladding systems are stylish wood effect design applications that make contemporary buildings look fresh and inviting. The Knotwood aluminium cladding system is innovative, combining unique design with easy installation.

Our special clip fixing system provides space for the expansion and contraction of the cladding board, which gives specifiers the confidence that it won’t twist or warp, regardless of the weather conditions.

The interlocking board system includes extra components to ensure that the cladding can be easily manoeuvred around windows, joints and corners.

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Fire rated cladding

The benefits of aluminium cladding

Knotwood offers many benefits to specifiers and contractors. Some of these are:

  • Knotwood is made from aluminium which is non-combustible and meets all relevant international fire safety standards.
  • Versatility is a key aspect of Knotwood aluminium cladding systems. The wide choice of design finishes gives designers the freedom to create the most innovative and original designs in cladding. 
  • Because aluminium is lightweight, Knotwood aluminium cladding systems are easy to transport, handle and install which makes the work of contractors more manageable.
  • Knotwood aluminium cladding systems are low maintenance, requiring very occasional cleaning rather than repainting at regular intervals.
  • Sustainability is a core focus for the product, Knotwood aluminium cladding systems tick the eco-friendly box. Knotwood uses VOC-free (volatile organic compounds) coatings and lead free finishes. It is also 100% recyclable when removed.

The durability and beauty of aluminium cladding

At Knotwood we know that when specifying products, durability and aesthetics are important considerations for architects and designers. Knotwood aluminium cladding systems are highly durable and offer impressive customisation opportunities with a contemporary finish.

Our aluminium cladding systems don’t warp or deteriorate, allowing the profiles to retain their beautiful finish for many years with minimal maintenance needed. Despite being lighter, aluminium is stronger and straighter than the real wood cladding it is replicating, making it long lasting and excellent value for money. 

Because Knotwood is made from aluminium, it offers high levels of protection from corrosion so won’t expand, rust or grow mould, regardless of the weather conditions it is up against.

Knotwood has passed rigorous  CWCT testing against wind resistance, watertightness and soft and hard body impact. The Centre for Window and Cladding Technology is the leading independent arbiter that provides technical guidance for what should be tested on building envelopes.

On Knotwood profiles, a topcoat of exterior grade paint provides resistance to chipping, flaking, blistering and scratching. Specifiers know that the appearance and performance of building exteriors with Knotwood profiles won’t deteriorate due to general wear and tear.

Knotwood offers a number of wood-like finishes that can be applied to our products to give them the appearance of real wood without the upkeep. We put our aluminium cladding panels through rigorous testing to ensure that they will function properly and be sturdy enough to withstand harsh environments. The fine texture finish and cutting-edge powder coating technology give the best scratch, scrape, and abrasion resistance.

Advantages of aluminium cladding over timber

Aluminium cladding that looks like real timber

Knotwood aluminium cladding looks like real timber. The woodgrain effect is its overriding aesthetic appeal. To produce the finish we use our unique, innovative sublimation process to transfer our woodgrain designs onto a powder coated surface. This creates the natural timber look with an authentic textured matt finish. 

At Knotwood we have worked with industry experts to create unique powders that produce consistent, durable and rich colours. Our vertical powder coating system allows us to finish the aluminium at a faster rate than many of our competitors.

In designing aluminium cladding that looks like real timber we developed woodgrain colours that are beautifully authentic. The standard woodgrain colours are Anthracite Ash, Kwila, Light Oak, Grey Ash, QLD (Queensland) Walnut and Natural Oak. 

We also offer a range of solid colours in a Textura coating that is ideal for high traffic areas and other hard wearing environments. Scratch, scrub and abrasion resistant, the fine texture finish of the solid colour range transforms aluminium cladding to create a real timber effect. Knotwood solid colour aluminium cladding is available in contemporary shades including Silver, Primrose, Dune, Woodland Grey, Deep Ocean, white and black.

The colour stability of Knotwood contributes to its reputation as a market leader in aluminium cladding systems. Knotwood has been rigorously tested to ensure that all colours have high performance colour stability and can withstand exposure to the harshest environmental conditions, and that it can therefore ensure the longevity of that exceptional performance.

Knotwood products have a 25 year lifespan and 15 years of colour stability, thereby giving designers, architects and developers confidence in the longevity of their project.

Fire rated cladding for your project

When specifying Knotwood for aluminium cladding systems, architects and designers have the reassurance that Knotwood is all systems are fire rated to A2-s1-d0 and classed as non combustible.

The EN 13501-1 standard is recognised across Europe as the fire classification of construction and building elements, which include exterior wall cladding, endorsed upon passing stringent fire tests. It was introduced to bring uniformity in the rating of fire performance. A Class A fire rating verifies that a material is non-combustible.

In 2018 in the UK, new legislation required that buildings of one or more dwelling over 18 metres high must have non-combustible cladding with a Class A fire rating. In 2022 this was extended to buildings of 11 metres in height and included hostels, boarding houses and hotels. Knotwood complies with all current legislation so is the perfect choice of aluminium cladding for specifiers.


How is the cladding installed?

By a simple interlock and clip system.

Are different dimensions of Knotwood cladding board available?

Yes. We supply 100mm, 150mm and 200mm boards.

Can Knotwood cladding be installed over existing cladding or siding?

Yes, Knotwood cladding can be installed over most existing cladding or siding, as long as the surface is sound and flat.

How do I prepare the surface before installing the aluminium cladding system?

The surface should be clean, dry, and free of any loose or flaking material. If necessary, the surface should be sanded or smoothed to ensure a flat, even base for the cladding.

How difficult is the installation process for Knotwood cladding?

The installation process for our aluminium cladding is relatively simple, and can be completed by a DIY homeowner or professional installer. Our interlocking panels make the process faster and easier than traditional cladding methods.

Where can I find Knotwood installation guides and resources?

Take a look at our cladding specifications and guides

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